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Edited book

Castillo C., Isabel, Javier González D., and Aldo Madariaga E. (eds.). 2022. Buscando un nuevo contrato social: Nudos, experiencias comparadas y propuestas para el debate constitucional en Chile. Santiago: Catalonia.

Peer-reviewed articles

Castillo, Isabel. Forthcoming. “Gender, Ethnicity, Class and the Breadth of Suffrage in Chile and Peru: Perspectives Among Suffragists.” Historia y Política.

Castillo, Isabel, Danissa Contreras, and Camila Henzi. 2023. “When Do Progressive Evangelicals Mobilize? Intra-Denominational Competition in Chile’s Constitutional Process.” Politics and Religion. FirstView.

Castillo, Isabel. 2023. “Motivation Alignment, Historical Cleavages, and Women’s Suffrage in Latin America.” Perspectives on Politics 21(1), 78-93.

Barrenechea, Rodrigo and Isabel Castillo. 2019. “The Many Roads to Rome. Family Resemblance Concepts in the Social Sciences.” Quality & Quantity 53(1), 107-130.

Book chapters

Castillo, Isabel, Rodolfo Disi, and Felipe Sánchez. 2023. “Brechas de género en interés político,” en Tejiendo rutas: perspectivas para un Chile con equidad de géneroSantiago: LOM-COES.

Castillo, Isabel and Krystoff Kissoon. 2023. “Latin America and the Caribbean,” in Malliga Och (ed.) Women and Politics: Global Lives in Focus. California: ABC-Clio.

Castillo, Isabel and Catherine Reyes-Housholder. 2022. “Constitución, género y paridad,” in Isabel Castillo, Javier González, and Aldo Madariaga (eds.) Buscando un nuevo contrato social. Santiago: Catalonia.

Working papers

Castillo, Isabel and Rodrigo Barrenechea. 2016. “Political Incorporation (in Latin America). The Concept, the Variations, and the Cases.” ICSO-UDP Working paper # 26.