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Edited book

Castillo C., Isabel, Javier González D., and Aldo Madariaga E. (eds.). 2022. Buscando un nuevo contrato social: Nudos, experiencias comparadas y propuestas para el debate constitucional en Chile. Santiago: Catalonia.


Peer-reviewed articles

Castillo, Isabel, Danissa Contreras, and Camila Henzi. Forthcoming. “When Do Progressive Evangelicals Mobilize? Intra-Denominational Competition in Chile’s Constitutional Process.” Politics and Religion.

Castillo, Isabel. Forthcoming. “Gender, Ethnicity, Class and the Breadth of Suffrage in Chile and Peru: Perspectives Among Suffragists. Historia y Política.

Castillo, Isabel. 2022. “Motivation Alignment, Historical Cleavages, and Women’s Suffrage in Latin America.” Perspectives on Politics. First View

Barrenechea, Rodrigo and Isabel Castillo. 2019. “The Many Roads to Rome. Family Resemblance Concepts in the Social Sciences.” Quality & Quantity 53(1), 107-130.


Book chapters

Castillo, Isabel, Rodolfo Disi, and Felipe Sánchez. Forthcoming. “Brechas de género en interés político,” en Agenda de Género. Santiago: LOM-COES.

Castillo, Isabel and Krystoff Kissoon. 2023. “Latin America and the Caribbean,” in Malliga Och (ed.) Women and Politics: Global Lives in Focus. California: ABC-Clio.

Castillo, Isabel and Catherine Reyes-Housholder. 2022. “Constitución, género y paridad,” in Isabel Castillo, Javier González, and Aldo Madariaga (eds.) Buscando un nuevo contrato social. Santiago: Catalonia.


Working papers

Castillo, Isabel and Rodrigo Barrenechea. 2016. “Political Incorporation (in Latin America). The Concept, the Variations, and the Cases.” ICSO-UDP Working paper # 26.